In the following, we would like to report on our background, our understanding and examples of sustainability in our everyday life. “The project is designed and implemented with its components, the goals and also with the long-term vision in sustainable aspects.” This is our credo and we act accordingly in our daily work. In doing so, we work with sustainability in all three dimensions – ecological, social and economic.


In order to protect the environment as well as natural resources, we take into account the “5Rs of sustainability” described below. These concrete approaches help us to consider the ecological dimension in our actions.
The remaining lower CO2 emissions of the resources still used are determined by us and compensated with atmosfair climate protection projects.

💚 Rethink

Is this really necessary or can another option be used to reduce the footprint?

In very concrete terms, for example, at the beginning of the project we thought about the question of how we manage to work and live on the road. For the duration of the tour, we decided not to leave a vacant apartment behind and instead moved our lives into the truck. Here we use the same premises for all three areas of life and thus create the best possible synergies.

💚 Refuse

How can abundance and future waste not be created in the first place?

In concrete terms, for example, with the founding of the umbrella organization, we digitized everything as far as possible so that we would have to create as few paper folders as possible. Here we still come up against bureaucratic hurdles with one thing or another, such as tax office matters, but we take every opportunity to avoid waste.

💚 Reduce

Are there options with lower energy consumption/use and/or fairly produced?

In very concrete terms, for example, we have optimized the power supply with solar cells on the roof in order to be able to cook without fossil fuels for as long as possible. With induction cooktops, we thus want to reduce CO², which is produced by conventional combustion. We only carry gas as a redundancy to have an alternative for cooking and heating when the situation calls for it.

💚 Reuse / Repair

Can you resort to used materials or repair damaged ones?

In concrete terms, for example, we have chosen a 36-year-old fire engine as our means of transport, which we will reuse in a modified form in the long term. Refurbished, repaired and fitted with an alternative finish, this offers the best compromise for the requirements of the tour. Mercedes Benz 1222 because there are still many spare parts for this vehicle available and we can also find support almost everywhere in case of a necessary repair, because there are still few electronics installed.

💚 Recycle

Can waste be sorted for recycling?

In concrete terms, for example, we use the waste recycling system commonly used in Germany when building the truck. In addition, on the tour itself we will also separate all waste and also leave our immediate surroundings in a better condition than we found them.


Any kind of human action requires resources, we want to express sustainability by protecting resources and using them only respectfully. Accordingly, it is important for us that the results of our work, such as the content that is produced, are usable and appealing in the long term. All media content is created in such a way that it is barrier-free and can be used by different groups worldwide. For us, this ensures that resources have been deployed appropriately, with a long-term strategy, and that we are operating sustainably in a way that makes economic sense.


In addition, we select our measures and actions on the basis of our Articles of Association. Our goal as a non-profit organization is to promote understanding among peoples, respect for existing differences and cultural exchange, and this provides us with a good basis for decision-making. The social focus here is virtually at the foundation of our organization and should be reflected in all our results.

How do you live sustainability?
We welcome your answers, suggestions and feedback in the comments.

Folgt uns in den sozialen Netzwerken, um in den Vorbereitungen und während der Tour selbst immer auf dem aktuellen Stand zu sein  🎊